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Business Cards

I love designing business cards and in my opinion, they will never lose their value. They put a face to a business – and while the person you are handing your card to may not need your product or services today, there may come a time when they do, and hopefully they will be able to pull out your business card and call versus trying to remember your company name and searching the web. There are so many cool things that can be done with finishes, paper stock and embossing that can really make your card special.

Pricing Info

Starting at $175

  • Additional names on the same business card design are $20 extra per name.

  • Business card is sized to template specified by Laura unless you request otherwise.

  • Printing of cards is excluded from price. I can source printing for an additional fee.

  • Contact me for a specific quote if you are in need of an updateable file to do your own employee names.


Below is a timeline of what we can expect from each other to help us both stay on track, respect each other's time, and allow me to make you a beautiful business card. If all the necessary content and feedback is provided in a timely manner, I can create a business card design for you in as little as 1 week. 

Phase One

All About You

Phase One Goals

  • Choose design style 

Nitty Gritty

  • Template: I provide 3+ designs that match your style for you to choose from, and you decide on which one you want to use. 

  • Content: You email me all the existing info that needs to go on your card (your logo, full names, contact info, etc.)

Phase Two

Click, Drag, Zoom

Phase Two Goals

  • Approve final design

  • Confirm final details

Nitty Gritty

  • Layout: I organize the info and media into the selected design from Phase One.

  • Meeting: I send back a low-resolution front and back card design for you to approve.

Phase Three

Payment & Files

Phase Three Goals

Me: Get paid
You: Get your files!

Nitty Gritty

  • Payment: Upon design approval from Phase two, payment is submitted.

  • File Transfer: Once payment is received, a weblink containing high-resolution, print-ready artwork (JPEG and PDF format) is shared for you to download.

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