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Email Newsletters

Email marketing gets overshadowed by social media a lot these days, which is a shame because email is a terrific marketing workhorse - free or low-cost, targeted and much less time-intensive than social media. I also find email newsletters to be a more intimate way to reach your subscribers. People grow tired of the endless stream of information on the internet and enjoy having something finite and recognizable show up in their inboxes. At a time when lots of news and information is whizzing by online, email newsletters — some free, some not — help us figure out what’s worth paying attention to.

Pricing Info

Starting at $195

  • Set-up email marketing service account is through Mailchimp

  • Layout of email newsletter design and 1 (one) email campaign is included in initial design package.

  • Additional campaigns are $60 each. Packaged pricing for additional campaigns is available.


Below is a timeline of what we can expect from each other to help us both stay on track, respect each other's time, and allow me to make you an awesome email campaign program. If all the necessary content and feedback is provided in a timely manner, I can create your email campaign design for you in as little as 10 days. 

Phase One

All About You

Phase One Goals

  • Choose design style 

Nitty Gritty

  • Template: I provide 2+ designs that match your style for you to choose from, and you decide on which one you want to use. 

  • Business Info: You email me all of your business info that needs to go in your campaign (your logo, biz name, contact info, website link, facebook page link, etc.)

  • Content: You email me all the content that will go in your first email campaign (text and images).

  • Contacts: You email me a CSV (comma separated values) file with all of the contacts you would like on your email subscriber list.

Phase Two

Click, Drag, Zoom

Phase Two Goals

  • Approve final design

  • Confirm content

Nitty Gritty

  • Layout: I organize the info and media into the selected design from Phase One.

  • Meeting: I send you a weblink for the email campaign design for you to approve.

Phase Three

Payment & Send-out

Phase Three Goals

Me: Get paid
You: Get your email sent!

Nitty Gritty

  • Payment: Upon campaign design approval from Phase Two, payment is submitted.

  • Send-out: Upon receipt of payment, I schedule your email campaign to go out on a day and at a time you choose.

  • Mailchimp account login information is shared so you can login and track open rates, etc.

  • Instructions on how to add an email subscribe field to your website and Facebook pages are shared.

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